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The” Online Passport/ID Guide”, contains all reference information on Passports and ID-Documents:

• Information on National passports, ID cards, diplomatic passports, residence permits, service documents, travel documents, driving licenses and many more.
• Continues update.
• Weekly newsletter with information on new passports/ID/vehicle documents or documents no longer valid and other developments.
• Extensive information on all security features of the passports/ID/vehicle documents.
• Special search facilities to quickly find the passports/ID/vehicle you are looking for like based upon name, ISO code, period, security feature. Find out in a glance which documents can be accepted and which ones not.
• Detailed information on security. features such as watermark, microprint, protective foil, security thread, UV reaction, intaglio and anti-copying devices such as holograms and kinegrams.
• Online training on how to check passports/ID/vehicle.
• Available in 7 languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Dutch. (other languages can also be offered).

Extra information like:

• Import-/export restrictions
• Alternative currencies
• Tips for travelers.

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